The Best Business Model For Your Marketing Agency In 2021

The Best Business Model For Your Marketing Agency In 2021

I get to meet a lot of digital marketing agency owners and most are struggling.

Probably the biggest reason for their hardship is that they started their company with the wrong business model.

They probably took the old school agency model of only doing custom projects.

Or they listened to the “productized service” guys and chose a monthly recurring revenue only model.

As I’ve taught in this playlist ( you must do multiple projects plus monthly recurring revenue. I call this “Grow The Account.”

Marketing is a creative business. That means you must create, not simply maintain.

I can’t count how many new agency owners only want to do the same service over and over.

If they do SEO then they just want to plop out an article a week for a keyword phrase.

If they do social media ads then they want to copy and paste ads and send a monthly report about click through rates.

Maybe it’s just laziness causing this bad business model choice.

But if you want to have a highly successful marketing agency then you will need to create for your clients.

And I want you to get paid handsomely for doing so.

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