EG Managed Services – The Cultural Fit of Managed Services

EG Managed Services – The Cultural Fit of Managed Services A major concern of a managed services, or outsourcing program, is: “How will the managed services team fit in culturally with our organization?”

So, we asked Brian Barker, EVP of EG Managed Services to walk us through the “cultural fit” question.

Question #1: How does Managed Services fit “culturally” within an organization?

Brian Barker: “How does… Managed Services work within the culture of most organizations?
In most organizations as we have gone through this economic downturn that we just passed through have taken a really hard look at what it is that they do, where they’re thin, where they’re heavy, and they’ve made those adjustments.

Still with those adjustments being made there are many, many functions within an organization that the company really shouldn’t be doing. It’s the mail center, the copy center, the custodial, the shuttle services.

What are those functions that have to be done, but don’t have to be done by the company’s employees?

Our job is to match our people, our account manager and the staff that we hire, to match them with the culture of the organization that they’re working within.”

Question #2: What’s the most important part in making sure of a cultural fit?

Brian Barker: “Well as a sister company of a staffing firm, it’s really, really important – the cultural piece.

It’s the people, and it’s the culture of the people that we put to work within the walls of our customers, and it’s really critical that we’re part of a staffing organization.

We have a proprietary selection process that really goes through every candidate and narrows the field down to those that fit the culture, fit the organization, and have the expertise that we need to make it work within the customer’s walls.”

Let us know if you’d like to learn more about how a managed services program could work in your organization. It all starts with a simple conversation.